The Chronology of Events Leading to Your Receipt of Cash for Cars

Retaining your old, scrap car is not at all a very wise step to take. The fast-deteriorating and crumbling status of your car will very soon turn out to be a major health and environmental concern. That is why, once your insurer has marked your car as’scrap’ you need to pull up your socks and start making moves to part ways with the car as fast as you can. On this page, let us discuss the chronology of events and your moves that will lead to your receipt of what you rightfully deserve for your scrap car.

Make the cold call to set the ball rolling

The first and foremost step involves contacting a reputable car wrecker company, which is into fast disposal of scrap cars and on-site payment of cash for these cars. Like any other ‘big smoke’ in Australia, Perth as well as her suburbs are home to a commendable number of car wreckers who would pay on-the-spot cash for old, scrap cars. However, you cannot look for them blindly. Rather, you need to start a probe and find the best of them. To do so, you need to consider their experience and reputation in the market, the impression they have created in the psyche of their previous customers, their overall goodwill in the market, their policy to adhere to offering ‘green’ service, and the like.

To do so, you need to talk to them and the references they share. This will help you pick up the best of these car wreckers. Once you have done so, you need to contact them for the first time and let them know about the condition of your car. Once you pass on the information, they will come up with a free quote for your car.

Evaluate the ballpark quotation offered by the wreckers

Once they get you the estimation, you need to evaluate the quotation vis-à-vis the condition of your old car, its age, make, and model. This will help you ascertain whether the quotation from the wreckers paying cash for cars in Perth is justified or not.

First-Hand Assessment of Your Car by the Wreckers

Once you have agreed with the quote and fixed an appointment with the wreckers, they will come down to your place to conduct a first-hand assessment of your car. This will help them confirm the tentative quote they had placed over the phone. These wreckers are generally excellent evaluators of the mechanical anatomy of vehicles. They will use all their experience and expertise to gauge the condition of your car and pay you the price accordingly.

On-Spot Payment of Cash

Once they have arrived at your car’s price, they will finally pay the price of your car that you deserve and then tow away with them instantly.

So you see, these are the chronologies of events that will lead to your receipt of the cash that you deserve for your car. Get in touch with WA Auto Wreckers Pty Ltd, and we will get you the best price that you deserve for the car. Call us to book our service.

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