1. What Are Your Hours Of Operation?


2. Who Will Get In Touch With Me When I Call Your Office?

Our well trained executives will get in touch with you when you call us. You can give them a brief description of your vehicle and just go about your day. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. How Will They Give Me A Quote Without Seeing My Car In Person?

We have a panel of experts that have years of experience in sale and purchase of old and new automobiles and are skilled at car wrecking. They will give you the right quote and an offer that will be worth your while.

4. Are There Any Charges That I Have To Pay For Car Removal?

No. There are no charges of any kind for car removal.

5. Do You Keep Car Parts As Well?

Yes, we keep spare parts for cars of all brands and makes.

6. What If I Don’t Find Your Offer For My Used Car Good Enough?

If you don’t find the offer good enough, you can reject it.

7. Within How Much Time Will You Get Back To Me With An Offer?

We will get back to you within 24 hours with a lucrative offer for your used or accidental car.

8. When Will I Get Paid For My Car?

You will get paid on the very same day you book a car removal with us.

9. Do You Take Accidental Vehicles As Well?

Yes. We buy cars in all conditions. Whether they are used or unwanted, accidental or junked or simply old, we take them all.

10. My Car Is Totally Junked. Will I Get Good Value For It?

Yes. We are experts of junked cars. We will pay you more than a reasonable amount for your junked car depending upon its make, model and condition.