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WA Wreckers Car Parts

We serve the entire of Western Australia and many surrounding parts as well. We get weekly as well as bulk monthly deliveries of automobile car parts that let us serve a major part of the country and the whole of Perth along with neighboring suburbs. WA Wreckers is a trusted name in the auto salvage industry and is one of the very few cars wrecking companies that are known for providing the best in recycled car parts as well.
Car Parts
Along with timely and reliable car wrecking services, what we are known for is our quality in automobile spare parts. We have worked really hard over the years to come to this level of expertise and earn this reputation in the market. The competitive edge we command over our peers is the result of our integrity and quality in operations, and the fact that we provide top-notch free towing service.
At WA Wreckers, we not only help you in offering a wide range of unwanted car parts but also help you with unwanted vehicle removal services in any condition. Our knowledgeable auto wrecker in Perth will give you a great peace of mind and offer best prices on the high-quality replacement car parts and accessories for your vehicle. Our full-service hand car parts are dismantled, properly checked and also ready for faster pick-up, delivery or shipping. With our car wreckers, you can access to wide selection of new after-market hand auto parts along with great standard and warranties.

How Can We Fulfill Your Car Parts Needs?

  • High quality and authentic used / recycled auto parts
  • Car parts sold and shipped to the final customers nationwide
  • Free delivery throughout WA
  • Quality auto parts for cars, SUVs, UTEs, trucks and vans
  • Warranties available (subject to the quality of the spare part)

Searching for quality spare parts for your car? Get the best value from a reputable auto wrecker. A professional wrecker can bring a lot on the table such as a wide range of parts at an affordable price. From gear levers to complete engine assemblies, we have covered everything. Our inventory and affordable prices make people chose us over others. We do our best to help you get what you need.

Whether it is a used engine, transmission, headlight, radiator, fuel pump, gas tank, seat, and any other part, you can accomplish it by browsing us online. In case, if you aren’t able to find your desired part, then you can fill the form and let us know what you are looking for and one of our customer service representatives will revert you back within a few time.

Why Choose Us?

We Are Reliable Used Car Parts Dealers

We deal in reliable used car parts like radiators, transmissions and more. If you really need it, call us to get informed about the car removed parts and we will definitely help you in finding the part you are looking for.b We also tow junk cars offer competitive prices in return for your new or wrecked car.

We Are Locally Owned And Operated

We’ve been in this business for very long and our experts are proud to say that we are still locally owned and operated. Our team of professional staff always look forward to helping you with the right auto parts at your desired price. Our fair deal is something which keeps our customers coming back. So, take advantage of our wide selection of auto wrecking services for your use as well as new cars.

We Are Team Of Experienced professionals

The team at WA Wreckers has long-term experience in the used auto parts industry as well as car removal services. We pride ourself in refurbishing the entire used car parts before putting them for sale. Our trustworthy staff can provide you with the best services everytime you need. They know when your car part is salvageable and when it needs to be replaced.
We are always committed to providing our customers with the best service and assisting them in finding the right car parts at the most reasonable price. You can get in touch with us at 0421102282 and we’ll answer all your questions.
At WA Wreckers we understand how our actions make a difference to this planet and thus we bring parts and services that help keep mother earth clean and green.